More trails, more people!

They have learned to create paths for masters of this craft around the world. Welshman Dafydd Davis influenced us the most with his comprehensive and consistent and sensitive approach. As a result of working together with him, we have understood what the term sustainability means for trails.

In our work we follow these five principles:

  • The trails should be accessible to as many people as possible, not just some. We build trails so that both beginners and advanced users can enjoy them.
  • The trails must not impose a disproportionate financial burden on local governments. We build trails so that they require the minimum necessary maintenance.
  • Trails must have a clearly resolved responsibility of providers.
  • The trails must not have a disproportionate impact on nature and the landscape.
  • The trails must not be disturbing in the landscape. The forest does not belong only to the users of the trail.

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